Indoor Worship Services

on June 6th, 2021


With the ease on restrictions here in Northern California, St. Paul has begun indoor worship in our sanctuary.  All safety protocols are in place including wearing of masks, distancing, capacity, and other measures such as air filtration to protect the safety of all.  Further precautions and guidelines are listed below.

For those that would like to remain in their vehicles in the parking lot, we are continuing to broadcast over 92.9 FM.  Communion will be offered within the sanctuary with the traditional bread and wine and also pre-packaged.  Online services will continue to be offered.

Looking forward to seeing members and friends, as well as making new acquaintences at our regularly scheduled 9 am Sunday service!

In His Service,

Rev. Dann Ettner           Rev. José Cervantes


St. Paul Indoor Worship Service Guidelines

  • Masks are mandatory before entering the building.
  • Services will be in the sanctuary.  The service will be broadcast through FM (currently 92.9) for those wishing to worship from their cars.  Online worship will also continue to be provided.
  • Do not come to church if you have a fever or cough, or have been in close contact with anyone with Covid19.
  • Please only enter the church through the main front doors.  An usher will record your name.  Hand sanitizer will be provided that you are encouraged to use. 
  • Proceed directly through the narthex to the sanctuary where an usher will assist you in finding a pew. 
  • Pew seating will be arranged to provide appropriate social distancing.
    • There will be one empty pew between pews for seating.
    • Maximum two households per pew.
    • Each household will sit at the outside edge of each pew.
  • Once seated please remain seated throughout the service until communion and do not mingle.
  • Santa Clara County indicates an absence of singing is desired.  
  • The ushers will indicate the pathway to communion by which will be offered in the same manner (by household, distance separation of bread and wine) as the outdoor services.  Individual communion packages will also continue to be offered for both those inside and in their cars. 
  • At the conclusion of the service those seated closest to the doors will exit first and then proceeding inward (as in an airplane).  Please do not mingle or socialize inside but proceed directly through the narthex to outside.

In addition to the measures detailed in the Indoor Worship Guidelines, we are taking the following measures to ensure we hold services as safely as possible.

Prior to service:

  • UV lights will be used to sanitize the pews in the sanctuary.
  • Hard surfaces including door handles will wiped down with disinfectant. This includes the bathrooms.

During the service:

  • Three air purifiers will be running in the sanctuary to refresh the air more rapidly.
  • The HVAC unit will have the fan blowing to circulate air.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations will be available.

After the service:

  • UV lights will be used to sanitize the pews in the sanctuary.