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Provide a loving and safe atmosphere for learning, self-discovery, and independence through the use of Montessori and Christian principles, with Jesus Christ as our role model.

Program Goals

Practical Develop a sense of order, independence, and problem solving. Demonstrate care of self and others through social graces.
Sensorial Recognize and identify shapes and colors. Develop visual, auditory, and tactile facility.
Language Recognize letter names, words, proper names, and sounds. Express self verbally and in writing through correct language usage. Understand rhyme and opposites.
Mathematics Recognize and sequence numbers. Demonstrate understanding of basic functions, time, measurements, and patterns. Develop an association of quantities and symbols.
Science Introduction to plants, animals, the human body, nutrition, and simple machines. Explore the environment through use of the five senses.
Social Science Recognize and accept diversity. Introduction to the world's environment and history of the United States.
Motor Development Develop skills in balance, flexibility, agility, and coordination through games, use of objects, and exercise.
Art Introduction to color a variety of media and experience process oriented art projects.
Faith Experience and explore a relationship with Jesus. Recognize the unconditional love of God and express respect and love for others.
Music Introduction to music through singing, rhythm, dance, and musical games. Experiment with tempo, tone, and harmony.

Mission-Goals Kids PicChanges within the school programs are always carefully considered, intentionally planned, and fully supported and evaluated once implmented.  St. Paul's Child Development Center offers characteristics and attributes that go beyond just teaching your child preschool and kindergarten basics.  These include:

  • Strong commitment to overall excellence and individual child growth.
  • Goal-oriented programs
  • Christ-centered
  • Pastoral supported