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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about St. Paul CDC's preschool and kindergarten programs. Feel free to contact the CDC directly with other questions or for more information.

What teaching philosophy does St. Paul CDC have?

St. Paul CDC has a Montessori curriculum and offers a multi-age classroom. 

What is Montessori?

A Montessori school is an enriched environment where teachers facilitate hands-on experiential learning. Named for Maria Montessori, the education method calls for free activity within a "prepared environment," meaning an educational environment tailored to basic human characteristics and to the specific characteristics of children at different ages. The function of the environment is to allow the child to develop independence in all areas according to his or her inner psychological directives. In addition to offering access to the Montessori materials appropriate to the age of the children, the environment should exhibit the following characteristics:

*Construction in proportion to the child and his/her needs

*Beauty, harmony, cleanliness and order

*An arrangement that facilitates movement and activity 

Why would the Montessori method benefit my child? 

A Montessori school is a child-centered environment which allows children to explore and experience ownership of the classroom. It's also very important that the prepared environment is very hands-on, as children at this age are very concrete learners. In addition, each child is respected as an individual. 

What can you tell me about the school staff?

We have a high quality teaching staff with each of our full-time teachers having college degrees.

What are the school hours?

Our school is open year-round from 7:45 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

What is your monthly tuition?

Tuition varies depending on whether the child attends for full or half days and for how many days per week they're enrolled. Please see our Parent Handbook for tuition information.

Is lunch provided?

We do provide a meal for those children staying full days or half days with lunch, and offer a vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian menu.

What is the daily schedule?

Our daily schedule provides consistent routine and ample time for indoor and outdoor activities. A hot lunch is provided daily and included in the price of tuition. A morning and afternoon snack are also provided daily.  We have a posted lunch menu as well as one provided for each family.

7:45    OPENING — Day Care Activities
8:20    Outside Play
8:45    Worship — Bible stories. Chapel on Tuesdays
9:15     Montessori Job Demonstrations
9:30    Independent Work Period. During this time, children choose activities and explore the environment. 

10:40   Music Program — Includes music appreciation, rhythm, movement and singing, and introduction to music theory

11:00   Outside Play
11:45    Lunch
12:30   Naps (Older children rest for 45 minutes, then work in the classroom or small groups.)
2:15     Independent Work Period
2:45    Science Circle
3:00    Outside Play
3:30    Motor Development (physical-fitness activities)
4:30    Special Activity — Stories, skits etc. . .
5:15    Children must be picked up by this time
5:25    CLOSED